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Our benders are not used to produce straight sidewalls. Traditional greenhouses/hoop houses are anchored into the earth using larger anchor pipe/tubes. Usually with this type tubing the anchor stakes only project about 6 inched above ground level then the hoops are inserted into these anchor tubes six inches and bolted. To raise the hoop house taller simply use longer anchor tubes that will extent high enough to achieve the finished height you desire.

Remember that these are hoop houses and the taller it is raised the more wind load the structure will have to withstand. Typically a 12 ft. wide or less round hoop house can be raised an additional four feet, producing almost a 5 ft. straight side wall. A 20 ft. wide hoop house can be safely raised an additional 4 ft. if using 15 gage or better ground post anchors.

Remember a little common sense can prevent a lot of headaches later on. To get a feel of how much wind force is applied to a four ft. straight sidewall, wait for a fairly windy day and hold a 4' X 8"sheet of plywood facing the wind. So if you have a 24 ft. long hoop house with an additional 4 feet in height, that force is three times as much.

NOTICE: This comparative is for a general example, and not to be attempted. We are not responsible for injuries sustained by individuals, or property attempting to try this wind load example.

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