We're the people that invented these simple, effective & affordable Hoop Bending Tools. "The Original Hoop Benders"  

No one knows more about bending hoops, others simply copy us and follow our lead.

Measure up from the ground on one side up and over to the ground on the other side, then add 2 feet to that measurement, let’s say it measures 29 feet, then you add 2 feet to that measurement, your poly must be at least 31'  

Next measure the length of your hoop house and add 2 feet to that measurement, ground to ground it’s 40 feet long so adding 2 feet to that your poly covering must be at least 42 feet long.

To cover the top of your hoop house you will require at least a 31’x42’ sheet of poly.

For the ends measure the width of the hoop house and add 2 feet to that. Then measure the height in the center and add 2 feet to that. these numbers are the minimum required to cover each end. 

Most of our hoop designs can be covered either 6 mil, 24 ft. wide or 32 ft. wide poly, both of which we stock in long rolls and stock many different precut  lengths of both these widths. This is standard 6 mil Nursery grade UV resistant poly

We also stock 4 mil in 12 foot widths for low tunnel applications. We always try to cut poly sizes a little longer than stated  however the piece you receive may be a few inches either way of the stated size. Do not purchase poly the exact length of your intended greenhouse and to insure you have at least 12 inches extra on all sides and ends order the next size up.