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This Gothic design is unique because you can construct Gothic Greenhouses from 12 ft. to 24 ft. wide by simply setting up the template to the width you want.

Below you will find the connector part listings to build one complete frame complete frame. Too determine how many hoops you will need for a greenhouse simply divide the length of the greenhouse by four (4) then add one (1) this is the number of frame sets you need to purchase below. Then choose the bending tool best suited for the size of your project. We recommend the C-12 bender and the optional Leg Stand.

The only difference between the different 12 ft bender models below is the speed of production. The PF-12 commercial is just that its for bending a lot of hoops the DY-12 is slower but if your only bending a few hoops is a good choice.

Interior frames are the same as end frames with the exception of how the two side purlins are connected to the two end hoops. I will include with each order the four connectors for those connections. If you are building two separate greenhouses please let me know so I can include extra band clamps for the second greenhouse.