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From Canada to New Zealand & and around the World our bending tools get the greenhouses built.     

Look What Our Customers Are Building With Our Hoop Benders. We Invented Them & They Have Revolutionized the Do It Yourself Hoop Market  
July 2/ 2020

Loy, The bender I purchased is fantastic, one of the best investments ever!! The hoops (13 of them) took approximately 1.5 hours to bend.  The fittings I purchased from you made the frame assembly easy to put together.  Took me about 3 hours working solo and using the boat at a working platform.  Now waiting on the tarp, thank you so much!!

Manuel Tezanos
Houston Tx

Mara Of Meno OK. built this outstanding example of our 16' Mono Gothic Design
 "Designed For Maximum Snow & Wind Loads" With Lots Of Head Room
"The Original Hoop Benders"  
No one knows more about bending hoops, others simply copy us and follow our lead.

    Our Hoop Benders Have Revolutionized the Do It Yourself Greenhouse Market
Aricka Made Her Dreams Come True
Constructing This Beautiful 24X96

Stop Dreaming & Do It

"NEW" Roll Up Side Handle & U-Joint Hardware 



...............Extra height produces cooler house in hotter season!..............
 .............Slightly curved sides produce plenty of vertical room while increasing the hoop strength!.............
..............Built using only one bending tool (C-24 Bender) can be portable or stationary!.................
.........Use our prefab welded or our NEW adjustable angle Peak Connectors!...............

Photo Courtesy of Gus Young 








Our Compound Gothic design (Max recommended width 24 ft.), first introduced in 2010. Producing this hoop design using only our DY-12 Bending tool and our peak connectors. For High Tunnel-Hoop Houses-Greenhouses.

Also in addition to our original all welded Gothic Peak Connector we now offer a NEW adjustable angle Gothic Peak connector.


Photo Courtesy of Mark Walden

  Our simple & durable Gutter Connect design

offers the diy greenhouse builder an economical way to enclose large areas with strong durable structures for fraction of the huge factory made greenhouses. 

This is a midsize 16 ft wide bay that is easily connected to adjacent bays to build as wide a structure as you need, 20 ft. wide bays can also be built in this design, however the 1 3/8" fence tubing is strongly advised for the hoops in 20 ft bay structures. Typically the post are 6 feet tall but 8 ft. post are doable in this design. Center height is typically 11 ft. when using 6' post. This style can also be built using 4"X4" wood post.

The best feature for the 16 ft. bay is the less costly 1" emt can be substituted and used for these hoops

without any serious loss of structural strength.



Check out our All New Chicken Tractor Connector System, Perfect For Backyard Chickens

Chicken Coop Tractor Chicken Coop Tractor 2
Lite Weight - Secure - and Mobile
Relocate Your Chicken Coop With Ease 
  It's simply hard to beat this original 20' wide hoop house for cost, strength, durability. Built using our C-20 hoop bender and instructions!  
 Photo Courtesy of John Grower 

Watch Carol as she demonstrates how to build 6 ft low tunnel hoops and
then install Poly on a Modular Gothic Hoop House.


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