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High Tunnel Hoop House

Instructional Videos

These instructional videos are designed to help you build your own hoop house or greenhouse using our low or high tunnel manual hoop benders and fittings. Designed and built in our shop, our benders and fittings offer the cheapest and fastest way to bend your own hoops and build your own hoop house, gable style or chicken tractor cheaper and better than any other way. 

DY-12 Hoop Bender                                        DY-20 Hoop Bender


  PF-24 Hoop Bender                                              DY-12 Hoop Bender


---  Chicken Tractor Video
                       NEW ---  Gable Top Greenhouse


 Our Original Modular/Portable Round Top Connector Kits
This is the same design I did for Eliot Coleman 7 years ago and is the basis for all hand portable units on many different styles.
This connector kit is for 1" emt which is much less costly than 1 3./8' fence tubing. Each kit will provide connections for four hoops attached to a base rail, it comes with 4 special peak connectors, 4 three way base to hoop corners, 4 base to hoop tees, 1 scissor door hinge with bottom latch.

We recommend building these modular units 10 feet in length the hoops being 40" on centers. It is a unique kit because you control the width of the hoop house by the bender size you purchase. EXAMPLE if you purchase a DY-10 bending tool and bend four 10 ft wide hoops you then have a 10' wide by 10' long modular unit. Build four of these and simply hose clamp them together and you have a 10' by 40' long hoop house that can be quickly broke down into 10 ft sections and moved as needed. or use a DY 12 bender for 12 ft wide units by 10 feet long. The four hoops can be expanded to 48" on centers to creat 12 ft long units ou just need to add five 1" splicers to your order.

Poly covering can quickly be installed and removed by using our #12-G Snap clamps sold in the 1" Connector/Clamps Category

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