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Grow Shiitake Mushrooms (on CD)

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Item Number: MR-Mushroom-CD
Enjoy pounds of delicious Mushrooms, year after year. I've been growing Shiitake, Oyster, and other gourmet mushrooms for several years. It's time to open the eyes of others to the simple and easy way of producing these delicious treats themselves.
I have simply left out the 3 or 4 hundred pages of mind clogging, mind numbing information that is totally unnecessary for safe & successful production of these mushrooms.

In less than 20 pages my growing guide will show you where to purchase the ready to use mushroom spawn and teach you how to grow these delicious mushrooms in your backyard.

Each mushroom log will produce mushrooms about two to three times a year for about 3 to 5 years.  With that said, let me say that learning everything possible about mushrooms is important, IF and I say IF you plan to harvest and eat wild mushrooms.

There is no need to learn everything about mushrooms to safely grow and eat them, because you will be starting with certified stock. You can always learn more while you are enjoying your own fresh mushrooms. If you can drill a hole you can grow mushrooms.
The Chinese have been growing Shiitake and many other delicious mushrooms on wood logs for hundreds of years. And now there are several certified Mushroom spawn growers right here in the USA. For the purpose of simplicity (spawn is the early stage of mushrooms). Mushroom spawn is so affordable these days ($10.00 to $20.00) which is enough to produce dozens of pounds of mushrooms for 3 to 5 years. I'll show you where the best sources are located and which spawn to start with.

In my mushroom growing guide I will take you step by step from log selection, ordering your mushroom spawn, the few simple tools needed, through inoculation (sounds technical but it's simply drilling a hole and inserting a small round wood peg) then onto the storage and care (very little) of your mushroom stockpile. You of course will have to decide how to prepare them for dinner.

Mushroom Growing Guide is on CD in pdf format

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