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Gothic Portable 10x10 Connector Kit


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Connector Kit For 10'X10' Portable Greenhouse
Price: $229.99
Connector Kit For 10'X10' Portable Greenhouse
One connector kit for building the 10'x10' portable greenhouse as seen in Carol Colemans Video.This is for the connecters only, for use with 1" emt tubing. Kit consist of: 4 Gothic Peaks 8 Hoop to Purlin 4 Three Way Corners 4 Tees 1 Scissor Door
#10 Tech Screws (100 pack)
Price: $10.88
#10 Tech Screws (100 pack)
100 pack of #10 self drilling Tech Screws

We're the people that invented these simple, effective & affordable Hoop Bending Tools.
"The Original Hoop Benders"  
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