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Compound Gothic Frame Connector Set

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Price: $36.97
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Item Number: 92068CGI
Manufacturer: LCGS
The peak connector is adjustable 5 degrees in or our + or -.  When installed the top purling nest under the peak connector and drilled and bolted. The cross strut (collar) can be positioned any horizontal level you wish to install it, recommended is 1/3 rd the distance from the peak to the upper portion of the side radius. The two side purling can be positioned anywhere between the cross strut and the upper portion of the side radius recommended is half way.

Set contains

.....1 each 1 3/8" adjustable peak connector.
.....2 each 1 3/8" multi-angle cross strut connector.
.....2 each 1 3/8" purlin clamps for side purlins

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