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Chicken Tractor Connector Kit

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Simply flip the handle down to raise the chicken tractor off the ground, push or pull it to new fresh grass then flip the handle up to lower it back to the ground.

NOTE: Connectors are color coded for better visibility in this video and photo's. 

You will receive silver colored connectors, use the photo's and video for shape identification. The 1" emt electrical metal tubing, wire or sheet metal covering an utility wheels are not included in this kit. They are available at all hardware stores, buying these items locally save you a lot on shipping cost and allows you to use any of those materials you may already have.

Kit contains the following,

2---- Axle Hubs (for 1/2" bore wheels)

2---- Axle Carrier's


2----Door Hinges

4----Door & 2----Handle 90 degree

12---Three Way Corners

1----Axle Rotation Stop

Tech Screws Included

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