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Product Description

This kit contains everything except the tubing, wood & door fans vents which you purchase locally saving you a lot on shipping cost. Hoop bending tool included. Finished height in center is approx. 6 1/2 feet, use taller post if more height is needed.

This 12' x 32' Basic Greenhouse Kit includes everything you will need to construct a traditional 12' x 32' Greenhouse, Quonset Hut or Hoop House.
Kit includes:
  • 1 ea. DY-12 Hoop bending tool
  • 7 ea. 1-3/8 purlin clamps w/bolts
  • 10 ea. 1-3/8 band clamps w/bolts
  • 1 ea. 24' x 48' UV poly covering
  • 1 ea. 12' x 26' Ground covering cloth

These Greenhouse Kits are designed to save you money primarily in shipping costs.  Kit does not include the 1-3/8" tubing required for constructing the hoops, the wood or wall framing, base rail, windows, doors, or the 1-5/8" tubing (chain link fence post) used for ground anchors.  These items can be purchased at your local hardware store or lumber yard.