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Crank It Up then swing the handle sideways, sit it on ground to securely lock the rolled up side in the up position. Fast Up--Fast Down


Crank the roll up side up then swing the entire cranking arm, it will swivelaround. Set the handle on the ground at 90 degrees to the roll up shaft as seenin photo.

This Double Swivel U-Joint crank with handle works just like our single swivel crank hardware.

It is only needed if the operator must position themselves at extreme right angles to the side being rolled up

Installed hardware outlined in Red on this greenhouse photo. other photosshow close up of hardware. Made from strong steel tubing. Fast and simple, our manual crank up hardware forgreenhouse roll up sides. Installs in minutes with only three self drillingtech screws (included). simply snap clamp the bottom edge of the poly toyour pipe shaft running the length of your greenhouse use 1 3/8 fence tubingor 1 emt tubing (not included).

 Use 1 snap clamp ever 24 inches along thelength of the greenhouse side poly. Use #32 abs snap on clams for both 1 3/8"  and  for 1" emt roll up tubes, our hardware fits both and can beadapted to some sizes of PVC pipe. The bellowing of poly roll up sides can becontrolled by lacing 1/4" to 5/6" between the upper wood band and thelower wood band at diagonals over the poly in the closed position (see photo atbottom of page). Poly can then be raised or lowered without the windbellowing it outward.  (not recommended)