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This kit will completely build one 10' long Modular/Portable Low Tunnel if you use 3/4" emt tubing for the hoops. Can be used for 3',4' or 6' wide Low Tunnels

Complete connector kit to build the Portable Low Tunnel using 3/4" emt tubing.  Kit contains two each 10 packs of #22-G 3/4" snap clamps, four each perlin to hoop cross connectors, eight each 3/4" tees for hoop to base connections, and enough Agribon (AG-19) to cover the Low Tunnel. All you need to purchase locally is seven 10 ft lengths of 3/4" emt at any hardware store. The connectors are not predrilled, the holes shown in photo & video were predrilled as an example of  where to start the self drilling screws which are included.