The C- Series

Is Best For The Homestead Garden & Small Nursery Operations

Designed for bending 1 3/8" 18 17 & 16 gage fence tubing, can also bend any steel tubing less than 1 3/8"o.d.

The C Series Bender is our first portable bending tool and it remains the "Work Horse" for large gardening operations such as garden nursery(s) and other commercial hoop production.   It is a very functional Bender Series, even for the serious nursery grower.  It offers much more bending surface per stroke than the DY Series.  The C-Series Bender is highly recommended for serious gardener and small nursery operator.

Watch this customer made video above of our model C-24 mounted on the optional vertical mount adapter. The vertical mount adapter converts any of our C-series benders into a vertical bending tool just like our more expensive PF-series. Mount is interchangeable with all C-series benders allowing you to switch different bending heads in just 2 minutes.