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3/4" emt Connectors



All of our welded connectors fasten to your tubing using the supplied self drilling tech screws. Connectors are not Predrilled

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#22 Clamps For 3/4" emt Tubing (10 pack)
Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $9.59
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 #22 Clamps For 3/4" emt Tubing (10 pack)
10 Pack-Black #22 snap on film clamps. The rounded edges of these clamps reduce or prevent damage to the plastic covering when applying and removing. Can be used on 3/4” emt also just add a couple layers of fabric
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Basic Connector Kit Portable Low Tunnels 3/4" Hoops
Price: $31.89
Basic Connector Kit Portable Low Tunnels 3/4" Hoops
Connector kit to build the Portable Low Tunnel. As seen being built by Carol Coleman in the video. This Kit Contains four each perlin to hoop cross 3/4" connectors, eight each 3/4" tees for hoop to base connections.Click MORE INFO TAB for coverings.
#10 Tech Screws (100 pack)
Price: $10.88
#10 Tech Screws (100 pack)
100 pack of #10 self drilling Tech Screws

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