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Gutter Connect Units

Introducing Our Newest diy Design

Gutter Connect Greenhouses Allow Expansion Sideways

Coming Jan. 20th 2019

This is a midsize 16 ft wide bay that is easily connected to adjacent bays to build as wide a structure as you need, 20 ft. wide bays can also be built in this design, however the 1 3/8" fence tubing is strongly advised for the hoops in 20 ft bay structures. Typically the post are 6 feet tall but 8 ft. post are doable in this design. Center height is typically 11 ft. when using 6' post. This style can also be built using 4"X4" wood post.

The best feature for the 16 ft. bay is the less costly 1" emt can be substituted and used for these hoops

without any serious loss of structural strength.


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