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***  Bend Your Own Hoops In Minutes ***

12ft Greenhouse Kit   Gothic Hoop House

Build a Greenhouse in no time.  You will be amazed how simple and easy it is...

  Colorado Greenhouse

The photos above were sent in from one of our customers from Colorado in 2014. 
See what he has to say in
Customer Comments

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Our Hoop Benders Have Revolutionized the
Do It Yourself Greenhouse Market
With over 160,000 in use around the world, we continue to remain the leader in price, innovation, and instructions.  We have overwhelming results with our Live Customer Support
Greenhouse Hoop Bending Process
Greenhouse Kit Photo 

Our greenhouse designs, built using these amazing hoop bender tools, have been featured on television's "The Discovery Channel" and more recently reviewed in "Make Magazine".  Our Row Cover Hoop Benders were also featured on Martha Stewart's Television Show.

Eliot Coleman, acclaimed and noted gardening writer/author has this to say about our Hoop Bending Tools:
The tool arrived yesterday and it is beautiful.  A French philosopher once commented, "You know you've achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away."  The best ideas and the best designs are the simplest and your bender meets that standard in every way.  Thank You.
Eliot Coleman 

Today's Specials

E-Book - Drill Your Own Water Well "Drilling Guide" (Email Delivery)
Price: $10.00
E-Book - Drill Your Own Water Well "Drilling Guide" (Email Delivery)
This is the electronic delivery E-Book version. We will email this version to you. With no prior experience, I drilled my own water well using this method and will help you do the same.
E-Book--Hot Water Heating Table Guide (Email Delivery)
Price: $10.00
E-Book--Hot Water Heating Table Guide (Email Delivery)
A Do It Yourself Guide to building a heat table. Heating the root zone of plants saves huge amounts of heating cost. That is why many large growers use this system to heat their table tops.
E-Book - Grow Shittake Mushrooms (Email Delivery)
Price: $10.00
E-Book - Grow Shittake Mushrooms (Email Delivery)
Enjoy pounds of delicious Mushrooms, year after year. I've been growing Shittake, Oyster, and other gourmet mushrooms for several years.
1" Work Table Connector Kit
Price: $74.49
1" Work Table Connector Kit
This 1" Connector Kit is designed to allow construction of a variable sized work table shown in our hoop bending process videos. (EMT metal tubing can be purchased at your local hardware store)
Watch Carol as she demonstrates how to build 6 ft low tunnel hoops and then install Poly on a Modular Gothic Hoop House.

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