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Basic 10x16 (Anchored) Gothic Greenhouse Kit

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Our Gothic Kits were originally designed to be portable by using a base rail.  The Gothic is easily converted to an (anchored) unit by using ground stakes.  You will use two different sets of instructions as outlined below.  This unit can be built using 1 3/8" fence tubing or less expensive 1" emt electrical tubing.

For building this unit, you will use the bending and assembly instructions for our (Portable Gothic pdf Instructions) except you will not install the hoops into a base rail. 

For anchoring, wood strips, end wall framing and more, refer to the basic hoop house instructions found in the (DY12 or C12 pdf Instructions)(pages 20-39).  You WILL NOT USE the hoop bending portion of these instructions.

Kit Includes:
  • 5 ea.    gothic peak connectors
  • 10 ea.    cross connector
  • 40 ea.  snap clamps 
  • 3 ea.    coupler/splicer
  • 1 ea.   24'x36 uv poly covering
  • 1 ea.   Bending Instructions 
Sold Separately:
What you'll need from your hardware store:
For 1 3/8” fence tubing hoops
  • 16 ea. 10’ 6” lengths of 1 3/8” fence top rail tubing
  • 8 ea. 30” lengths of 1 5/8” fence tubing for ground stakes
For 1" emt electrical tubing hoops
  • 16 ea. 10’ lengths of 1” emt tubing
  • 8 ea. 30” lenghts of 1 3/8” fence tubing for ground stakes
gothic style portable greenhouse or hoophouse

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