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A Quick Look At Our Different Greenhouse Connector Kit & Design's
 Most of our greenhouse designs are constructed of 1 3/8" o.d. chain link fence tubing in 16, 17, & 18 gauge steel tubing. Some of the smaller hand portable one use less costly 1" emt (electrical metal tubing). Lastly our Low Tunnel Kits are generally for use with 1/2" or 3/4" emt tubing. Any of these tubing sizes to fit our connector kits can be purchased at just about all hardware or lumber stores.
The Hand Portable Designs

Its 10' long but design can be built varying widths from 6 up to 12' wide.  Square ft. for square ft. the most cost effective portable. Connect these units end to end with common hose clamp  to build any length you need that growing season then next year relocate or reconfigure as need in different garden spots. Even though its made of 1" emt we rate this unit as a strong medium  duty unit because its hoops are spaced at 40" apart as opposed to normal 48"

Full size walk into Portable Greenhouses are expensive, especially those on wheels or skids. Several years ago we set out to design a completely hand portable greenhouse without wheels or skids that was light enough for two people to pick up and move. After three seasons of trials we came up with this design. Much like the toy Erector sets These units can be clamped together end to end using inexpensive hose clamps producing as long a tunnel. One of our best snow load designs handling several feet of snow. We do offer a 10x16 in ground anchored kit. Rotating crops and moving tunnels are quick and easy. We also produce a round top version of portable units up 12 foot wide. See Round Portable Units

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