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Bender Bending Head Only HPF-24

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Price: $521.99
Item Number: HPF-24-B


However because this product exceeds 96" in length which results in UPS adding additional over length Handling  surcharges of $76.00.

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Bending Head Only For our PF-24 Pro Series Commercial Hoop Bender NOTE that the mounting legs are not included with this bending head. Designed for commercial-professional greenhouse hoop production, we've got the cost down so that even the novice greenhouse builder can afford them while at the same time improving these amazing tools. 

The 24 ft. wide hoop greenhouse can cost up to 40% more to build than a 20 ft. wide hoop greenhouse and can result in as much as 40% more to maintain it than a 20 ft. wide. For this reason it is the 20 ft. and 12 ft. wide hoop greenhouses that are the mostly widely used around the world. Unless you must have the extra 4 ft. in width; we strongly recommend you build the 20 ft. wide structures. This bending tool produces 24 ft wide Greenhouse Hoops using four-10' 6" lengths of 1 3/8 inch o.d. 16 or 17 gauge chain link fence top rail tubing which is sold at all hardware stores

  Bending Head Only For our PF-24 Series Hoop Bender NOTE that the mounting legs are not included.

Finished Hoop widths can vary on any metal tubing used, Regardless of Gage or Diameter! This varying is caused by the hardness of alloy (which is an unknown factor on all metal) used in manufacturing the tubing.

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