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Drill Your Own Water Well - "Drilling Guide" (on CD)

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Item Number: WW-101-CD
  • Did you know that in Texas and most other States you can still drill and install your own water well without a drillers permit or license?
  • Did you know that most locations have good and usable water less than 100 feet below the surface?
  • Did you know that you can build a percussion drilling rig from a few feet of pipe, a leaf spring from an old automobile, rope, 6 bolts, rubber gasket material, and a pulley?
  • Did you know that you can drill a 50 foot well and install a 4" well screen and casing for less than $400.00 plus a pump?

I have researched, studied, observed, and evaluated most all do it yourself water well drilling or digging methods and rigs for several years. It is my conclusion that the percussion drilling method is superior to all others in regards to the do it yourself market for many reasons. This method dating back thousands of years, has evolved through the years, however it remains a remarkably simple method preformed solely by hand power or any one of many different and ingenues applications of mechanical power.

As an inventor of several successful products, I tried very hard to re-invent this drilling method.  Failing to do so, I  set out to re-think this process using modern materials available to anyone with the desire to do it themselves of which resulted in my "do it yourself water well guide".  These books are written from my real life experience and not from rehashed & rearranged existing facts that anyone can read about on the internet.  You will find that I also give brief descriptions of other methods to help you understand why the percussion method is superior in most respects.

Because I live in Texas I have included all of the Texas State rules on this subject and maps of major and minor aquifers of Texas at no extra charge, If you live in another State, you can get this same information for your State.

Before finishing this instruction book,  I set out to drill two wells myself using this same method and building all of the tools myself.  I drilled the first one partly by hand power alone to see what it was like and then used a common yet cheap concrete mixer to rest my tired arms.  My first drill hit a natural spring at 17 feet.  I continued down to 39 feet.  I was able to pump 12 gallons of water per minute 8 hours a day seven days a week to water my plants at our nursery at a total cost of $7.00 a month for electricity. Not counting the cost of the rig which I built for less than a $100.00 using all scrap metal.

That first well cost me $360.00 for screen, casing and pump.  Now thats Cheap Water.  My second well at 80 feet is even better.

There is nothing quite like the sound of the drilling tools as they plunge deep into cheap water.

  "Now On"   CD's  pdf format.
This First Edition Version is all original material never seen before. Other well manuals may have more pages, but they are all rehashed and, or free government information full of endless internet links that go no where.  My manual is 38 pages of "HOW TO DO IT" Not how to research it more. 

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