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The most often ask question...

What is the difference between the DY, the C, and the PF series benders and why are there different series?

The tubing being bend is 10ft or 10ft 6 in. long. A bending stroke last about 12 seconds for most people, regardless if you are bending 15 inches per stroke on a DY or 36 inches per stroke on a C or 84 inches on the PF. Bending hoops for hours on a DY will wear out even the strongest person, the fatigue is lessened on the C series and dramatically reduced on the commercial PF series.

The PF Series was my first bending tools to be offered to the public, it was for fast hoop production on a daily basis. I invented these tools and along the way I discovered that many homeowners wanted to bend their own hoops for a small hoop house and our PF series was simply to costly for them just to be used for three hoops. So I came out with the DY series for the home owners, "with great success" these are the most copied (in one form or another of my bending tools). Still there was a group of customers left out, "the small truck farmer, small plant nursery etc. They needed faster bending than the DY but not on a daily basis, enter the C series.


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