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to send us their stories and photos!

 Look What Our Customers Are Building With Our Hoop Benders. We Invented Them & They Have Revolutionized the Do It Yourself Hoop Market  

August 17/ 2020

Just finished my 16x40 Mono Gothic. Thanks for your help with supplies.
Kerry Powell

July 2/ 2020

Loy, The bender I purchased is fantastic, one of the best investments ever!! The hoops (13 of them) took approximately 1.5 hours to bend.  The fittings I purchased from you made the frame assembly easy to put together.  Took me about 3 hours working solo and using the boat at a working platform.  Now waiting on the tarp, thank you so much!!

Manuel Tezanos
Houston Tx

 Hello Loy,

This is Karen. You helped us with the hoop house in Hutto TX. We got it up! Your advice, video and instructions were a huge help.

This structure is much higher than you recommend but it is covered in a mesh so we expect the winds of Central TX will not be an issue.

We are waiting for the last piece of mesh in the mail to finish the side. For the front we will want some type of door that can slide like a shower curtain or hang and allow easy access to the garden. We hung two pipes across the opening to support an easy door. Because they occasionally back a truck in to offload soil we couldn’t go with a fixed door.

Wanted to say thank you for everything and if you can use any of this on your website as a testimonial please do.


Attached our images of our 20’ wide X 150' long, hoop house we built using your instructions.The hoop house is going on three years now.  The winter of 2017 it survived 90mph winds whereas commercial greenhouses that cost 4x more were blown away that same night.


Jerame Rief

1244 Farms, LLC 


Dave Eagleton & Glenn Cody

Stephenson MI




We rediscovered your Lost  site yesterday after talking about hoop house demonstrations for 2014 at our local farmers market here in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Carol in the videos say, "I can do this!" to homeowners.  Great!


It was a reminder to send in these photos from last winter (project using your bender).  Our 20 X 60 hoop allowed us to plant in March and avoid a very nasty cold spring.  We had produce at our farmers market just when people were preparing their gardens for planting.  Last frost date is the first of June around here.  No one believed it was our own produce so we may have to do a video ourselves next year.


The new connectors are a great find.  We want to build a mid tunnel at least 10' wide that moves.  Already we can see how one would go together quickly and be used next year without reinventing the wheel.


Thanks for the inspiration!



Hi Loy,
Here are a few shots from what We have done.

Barry Holben
Genesee, Idaho 83832





BMOG,  4/10/2017

I just want to thank you for putting out a great product.  I finally got around to producing 11 new hoops for my 20x40 greenhouse.  I had previously been using PCV pipe (I know !!) and of course that did not work out too well.

With the PDF and most importantly, the video, I was able to produce a viable hoop each and every time.  No adjustments or corkscrews. One thing you might want to consider is really emphasizing creating the proper jig layout.  I have a big sturdy 4x8 table in my shop and I think that played a big part in my success.

I also really like the 90 ties for attaching the 'backbone' to the hoops.  I will be ordering more so that I can attach more top rail to hoops for hanging baskets and other greenhouse needs. Feel free to use my pics in promoting your business.

James Lawrence

Irving Tx.




Dear Carol and Loy: 

Imagine my surprise and wonder when yesterday, January 13 2014, in the midst of this severe northeastern winter with temperatures plummeting to minus-22 degrees plus high winds, I peeked into my 4-foot-wide 20-foot low hoop house after a 4-week absence and found my greens were still alive and thriving!  I enjoyed a delicious harvest of sweet lettuce and kale and a dinner of gratefulness. 

I built the set of 3 20-foot-long hoop houses (really 10-foot hoophouses tied together) and a narrower perpendicular hoop house with 10-foot 1/2 inch conduit, bent with the Hoophouse Bender tool, covered it with 12-feet-wide row cover (equivalent to AG- 19), and covered that with 12-foot-wide 4mm greenhouse plastic, clamped it with the poly clamps, experimented with staking etc.  My husband and I are thrilled, especially as this is my first try at this.  I also got confidence to bend and install hoops by myself after watching Carol's video.

 I so much appreciate you, and extend hopes that you, and the world-wide community of home-gardeners, continue to prosper.  Happy New Year.


Barbara Dyskant

Hinsdale, NY (approx 60 miles south of Buffalo)



Hi Loy and Carol,

Here is a pic of the greenhouse. Last year we had 5 feet of water running straight through it with the flooding. This year we were just getting ready to put some plants out and bam!  Another snow storm.  Its March 25/2015.  I am in Southeast Saskatchewan, Canada. The outside temp is -10c or around 15f.  Inside temp is 30c.  Love the greenhouse and cant believe how strong it is. Mine is 12x24, and I had myself and a friend hang from the center beam.  Over 500lbs and no sag.  Keep up the great work and thanks for helping the little guys.

Tom Aime

Just thought you would like to see a picture of the finished framework for our 16 x 21 gothic hoophouse. We are ready to put the fabric on it, but now have to wait till next week when the weather is supposed to be a lot better.  Thanks for the information and gothic parts.  Feel free to add this to your 'happy customer' website.

Ev & Gus Young, Gardnerville, NV

25 feet tall greenhouse? Way past the limit !

See how this customer solved the problem & designed his bracing for his 25 ft. tall hoop house.. WOW !!!!!!  

On May 20, 2015 7:26 PM, "Sven Powers" wrote:

"We built this using the C-24. Worked great! 24'x80' and 25' tall in the center (the floor of the greenhouse is cut 4' into the ground) I will send you completed pictures in the next couple weeks, we are connecting a smaller house, at a right angle, on the left side where it's open."



"What this customer did with our Bending Tools and instructions is a work of art"

Dec 1, 2014

I purchased you 24' bender several months ago ....great product and the instructions were very helpful ........ I thought you might like to see the results........Thanks so much for your product , I'd have never been able to have a greenhouse this size without it .

All the best to you and yours

Scott Stephens, Auburn, Ga.

 Just wanted to send you pictures of my wonderful ( and early ) lettuce plants protected in our garden's first ever hoop houses.   The hardware your business produces worked flawlessly. Thanks for the high quality, US produced components. 

John Jantz,  Upstate NY   



Here is another one of our customers building a modified Gothic...this design is now being copied by several other garden suppliers. (seems as though they can't come up with anything original on their own).  Hey that's ok; We are still leading while others are still following."

Just wanted to say how pleased i was with your benders and connectors i purchased and your experience to help me along to complete my garage..Big thanks from W.Va..Brian Lewandowski



Received Photo & Comment on our "Our Gable Style Greenhouse". 9/12/2016

Loy,  It's been almost one year since we got the kit and it's been working perfectly as advertised so thank you.

Christopher Egan


It is rare for a product to exceed expectations; the New Gothic Hoop House was the best gardening investment I made in 2014.  It has held strong in spite of whipping mountain winds - up to 50mph - and heavy spring snow storms - up to 24".  Thank you Carol, Loy and everyone at Lost Creek Greenhouse Systems.

Christopher Seck - Cotopaxi, Colorado


Well here she is all done and ready for winter! It is a 12' x 20' and was built this summer using your outstanding C-12 hoop bender tool, hardware, and poly!  Each of my completed hoops varied by less than 3" from each other measuring from 13' 1" to 13' 4".  I really appreciate all of your suggestions in regards to the design. In the end, I chose a design that maximizes natural ventilation and flexibility whatever the season.

The frame is so sturdy and we have had gusts up to 40-50 mph with no issues. I plan on installing Solexx covering material next year!

Feel free to share my pictures. I have a lot more pictures of every aspect of the build should you want to see more!  It took me a couple weeks working by myself to build it start to finish, and was very affordable to build using your fine products!  It was way less than I would have ever expected to pay for such a quality structure.

I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend your tools and equipment to everyone!  I love my new Greenhouse and so do my plants!

Sincerely, James Jaunakais, M.P.T.

    ventilated hoop house

Love These Benders!

Hi Loy,

Just wanted to let you guys know how brilliant your benders are. I am enjoying the dy12 and the A-frame bender. Seems like such a basic concept and you guys really toned the process. Thanks again and here are a few pics of my latest experiments.

Happy New Year and I hope for your continued success.
Scott Landrey

From Doug Elam

I have all your bigger benders, but I just had to tell you there Tex, when I stuck those 4, four foot row cover tubes into the ground to protect my bell peppers, so they will live long enough to turn red and go to seed, I just had to do a little Irish jig right there in my garden! Once again, you have come through for me! I am seriously impressed.

Thank you.

I am enclosing a few pictures, namely, the eraser screwed to a board, I use as a gauge for the 16 inches, so I don't have to mark each one. It makes it really fast. They don't call me Speedy for nuthin!!!!


From Rich

Hey Loy,

I got my bender today and wanted to say it is cool. I went out and got some pipe to test it out and to my surprise it was exactly what I hoped for.  I am not use to buying products on the net and being happy. I am sure I will do more business with you in the future.

Thanks so much, Rich


I just wanted to touch base with you. Thanks so much for your fast shipping on my bender.  I bought another one last year and now have two of the same.  I have studied your video's and read and researched and reread all the information I could get my eyes on.  I'm so impressed with the first results. I'm building a 16 x 24 and the first hoop is completed. Your exactly right it looks very professional.
You have done a wonderful job with the information needed to build a hoop greenhouse. For many years I thought a greenhouse would be way out of my price range until I saw your bender on ebay. Now my dream of 30+ years is becoming a reality.
Thanks so very much for all you've done to make my dream happen. Just for the fun of it I'll send a picture of it when it's completed. 
Duane Hurd
Defiance, Ohio

Just wanted to say thanks for developing the DY-20 bender and show ya'll some pics (you may use if you like), the greenhouse is a 32x20x12 floor is heated with radiant heat pex loops and propane gas water heater and wood furnace for boilers. A utility building, 12x16, is attached on the back (north side) not seen in the pictures, to house the supplies and pumps.  We get lots of positive feedback on this greenhouse and we really enjoy it..
*one mental note (before I run out of paper (lol).  Always build much bigger than ya plan, cause there is never enough room once ya get started..
Vic & Karan Farrell

Purchased our PF-20 Quick Hoop Bender

Package arrived today. I think it actually took longer to unpack it than to assemble it,
didn't even need the instructions!! Color coding pretty much leaves no questions as to how to put the unit together. Total time from Fedex drop off to bending first tube....under 30 min. Great product, I would recommend it to others but I don't want the competition!!!

Tim Donk
Milan Indiana

We ordered your 10' bender to build our mobile chicken Coop.  We call it the Coopastoga.  The hoop bender worked great and bending the hoops was the easiest part of the project.  We will definitely be ordering a larger bender for future projects.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Read more about their Coopastoga and how they use it at.

Friends,  I just ordered one of your DY-10 Hoop Benders and wanted to take a minute and say how lucky can I get to find good folks like you.  I raise worms for compost and teas to revive the soils of local gardeners and have developed field sprays for various crops. I live in Washington State.  I'm expanding and need a new home for the worms and a lab/greenhouse to further my work. I envisioned a quonset hut, well in less than an hour I clicked from Mr. Schwan's Frugal living to Eliot an Barbara's Four Seasons Farm to your wonderful Lost Creek. What a great learning experience I thank you sincerely!!  I also dropped into your hoopbenders site, which I'll be coming back to later to pick up some poly. I see a bunch of possibilities ahead. You'll be hearing from me again.

It's going to be a pleasure doing business with you,                               
Jamas Vonrockmann

 Wow it's so easy to build my greenhouse. Used your DY-10 hoop bender and basic instructions, changed up the end wall framing a little. Thanks for your products and help.

Dana Thomas







The second order of parts arrived this afternoon.  I put them to use right away.

These are 12” square and 5’ 9” tall “light towers”.  They will be covered with a translucent material, lights will be added to the inside, and then used at a wedding as accent pieces on the corners of the dance floor.  There will be 24”wooden bases (hence the need for the floor flanges) and “disco lighting” rigged above these (plugging into the top of each of the pipes).

Thank you so much for getting them to me as quickly as you did.  I’ll have the extras added to them tomorrow and will be testing for a few days.  Setup is Thursday.  You couldn’t have done better on your timing.

I will send pictures of the props that we made for the park Christmas show from your parts.  They turned out quite wonderful.

I look forward to ordering for our next project.  Your products have opened up a whole new string of ideas.

Take care, and thank you again.

Al Gerdes

Lebanon, Illinois




































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