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PF Series High Tunnel Benders


Currently Orders Are Shipped 8 to 14 Business Days From Order Date 


We are restocking weekly. Many items are selling out as soon as we restock so if you don't sere the product you need keep checking back often

We are temporally out of all PF Series benders check back 

 Designed for Professional Use, the PF-Series offers the fastest hoop bending of any bender on the market today; out performing even the expensive electric benders.  Designed for the Serious Greenhouse Builder and for Daily Hoop production,  This series has proven to be the most effective when building Your Own Greenhouse.

We're the people that invented these simple, effective & affordable Hoop Bending Tools.
"The Original Hoop Benders"  
No one knows more about bending hoops, others simply copy us and follow our lead.


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